Pizza by the slice

We also do whole pies, bread stix, and salads
Throwin' Dough: 
Er'day 11AM-3AM

By the slice:
(Ready when you walk through the door!)
Cheese: $2.25 
Pepperoni: $2.60
Roasted Red Pepper & Basil: $2.60 
Potato Bacon: $2.90
Slices of the Day: $2.90

  • We deliver to the downtown area, lower rattlesnake, and the North Side. We do not currently cross the river. *We will do large orders outside of our normal delivery area.

Delivery Charge: $2
$1 for gas, $1 to help out with the delivery insurance. Tips go in the kitchen tip jar. (The delivery driver is part of our kitchen staff, and they take turns delivering.)